The Pit Boss Pro BBQ Tool Belt

Product Description

Happy Holidays from the BBQ Pit Boss.  
Man your Grill!
FeaturesAre you a man who likes to take charge of the grill? Do you know a man who does? The Pit Boss BBQ Tool Belt is the perfect fit for you or your loved one. This BBQ Tool Belt was specifically designed to keep your barbecue tools organized and at-the-ready. It was also built to last, and it comes with a full Lifetime Warranty. Last but not least, this BBQ Tool Belt is convenient. When the grilling is done, simply hang your BBQ Tool Belt on a nail and everything will be right there where you left it, riding shotgun in your Pit Boss BBQ Belt.
Here is a list of all the tools the Pit Boss BBQ Tool Belt can carry:
Irons Up to 2 bottles of BBQ Sauce, or 2 large bottles of seasoning, or 1 large bottle of seasoning and 1 bottle of sauce.
A Solo cup with BBQ sauce in it, and a basting brush. 
The insulated beer pockets are the perfect size for this.
Salt and Pepper
Several small bottles of dry rub
A meat thermometer
A BBQ lighterYour iPhone or Android device
Bottle opener (comes with the Pit Boss!)
Up to three beers
“I love this belt! I can carry everything when I’m grilling and my hands are free.” Fred W, Milwaukee, WI “This is a birthday gift for my fiancee. He’s going to freakin love it!” Carrie B, Los Angeles, CA“This thing is awesome guys! What a great gift to come home too while on leave!” Caleb W, Currently Serving in South Korea“This is such a well built construction type BBQ toolbelt I am sure most trade type guys would go nuts over this!” Mike M, Vancouver, Canada “My son told my husband and myself that this is the ONLY gift he wants for Christmas!” Kendall R, Canton, GA“Thanks for making a K.A. product that inspires me to grill bigger and better!” Eric H, Lake Mills, WI
 Resin-Reinforced 1680 Denier Ballistic Poly
Dimensions: 48″ (belt) x 12″ x 12″
Max Waist Size: 44″ (Larger sizes available, contact us for details)
Weight Fully Loaded: 4 lbs
Buckle Weight: 1/4 lb
Buckle Material: Die Cast Alloy
Bottle Opener: Professional Speed Opener
Bottle Opener Material: 
18/8 Ni-Chrome Stainless
Insulated “Quick Draw” Beer Pockets: 
Laser-Engraved Carabiners: 
Pit Boss Chow Chaps (Towels): 
Utility Pockets: 
Seasoning Pockets: 
Steel “D” Ring Tool Holders: 
Cell Phone Pocket: 
Thermometer Loop: 
Lighter Loop: 

More Information

Lifetime Guarantee.  If for any reason you are ever unsatisfied with the quality or performance of your BBQ Pit Boss, we will refund your money.

Free Shipping. Yep, you read it right.  We’ll ship it for free.

Unique. There is no other barbecue product on the market that has all the features, durability and quality of the BBQ Pit Boss.

Great Gift for Men. The BBQ Pit Boss is one of the best gifts for men you’ll find anywhere.

We are confident that you’ll love the Pit Boss. In fact, every Pit Boss comes with a money-back guarantee. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your BBQ Pit Boss, just call or email and we’ll refund your money, guaranteed.

Thanks for checking out the Pit Boss BBQ Tool Belt. The Pit Boss makes a great gift for the man who loves to grill, barbecue or generally cook meat over an open flame.

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