For whiskey lovers, there’s nothing quite like a glass of bacon-infused bourbon. This unique and flavorful cocktail combines the smokiness of bacon with the sweetness of a good quality bourbon to create an unforgettable taste experience. Not only is it delicious, but it also looks great when served in a rocks glass with some fresh herbs or spices as garnish.

Plus, it’s surprisingly easy to make! With just a few simple ingredients and some time for infusion, you can be enjoying your very own batch of this delightful drink in no time. So if you’re looking for something special that will impress guests at your next gathering or simply want to try something new on your own, give this recipe for bacon-infused bourbon a try – you won’t regret it!


Bacon Infused Bourbon Recipe

This bacon infused bourbon recipe is easy to make and yields a smooth, bacony bourbon. You’ll need about about 24 hours of lead time to make it, and the result is well worth the planning.


Rye whiskey (2 bottles) – The Pit Boss likes Jim Beam Rye, or one bottle Rye and one bottle Bourbon.

Your favorite style of bacon – 12-16 oz depending on desired infusion/taste. The better the bacon, the better the flavor. Check out our selection of craft bacon here.


1. Cook the bacon (don’t discard anything including the grease)

2. Taste the bacon

3. Sample the whiskey and imagine the possibilities (this step optional but highly recommended)

4. Combine all the contents (grease, bacon, and whiskey) in a mixing bowl. This is the foundation of your bacon infused bourbon.

5. Cover the mixture with airtight seal (plastic wrap and rubber band works if you don’t have a top for the mixing bowl)

6. Put in freezer (remember the alcohol won’t freeze) for about 4 hours or until bacon falls to bottom and grease rises to top and solidifies

7. Skim off fat and discard. You can also save the bacon fat for later use. It adds an interesting twist to chili, and is great for flavoring sauteed veggies, etc. In other words, all of your recipes can be bacon-infused recipes. Pretty cool.

8. Remove bacon and save for similar use as the fat in step 7 – i.e. use for other bacon recipes – or just eat it and enjoy the ride

9. Put a coffee filter in a colander or sieve and slowly filter the liquid. It will be very cloudy when you filter it and should only be slightly cloudy when you are done. This is the most tedious and time-consuming step, but it’s also the most crucial since you really don’t want to be taking sips of pure bacon grease.

You can make a lighter variety of bacon bourbon by filtering twice or even three times. Note that each time you filter, your overall yield will be reduced.

10. Use a funnel and pour the bacon infused bourbon back into one of the empty bottles. Label appropriately.

You can count on up to 25-35% liquid loss/ waste in the whole bacon infused bourbon process, this could go as high as 50% if you sample the goods along the way.

Filtering can be slow, so you may have to set it up and come back to it later to pour more of the unfiltered mixture into the filter, depending on the type of filter you are using. Also, you may have to change filters depending on the mix.

Where to buy bacon bourbon?

The final product? It’s sweet, bacony, bourbony and delicious. Enjoy it neat or poured lightly over a large ice cube. Use it to make a whiskey old-fashioned, or as a bloody mary alternative. Or use this bacon infused bourbon for tweaking the old-fashioned – use some syrup, orange rind/ juice, and angostura bitters. The key is to experiment with your desired flavors.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go through the process of infusing your own bourbon at home in order to enjoy this amazing drink. You can buy bacon-infused bourbon directly from a wide variety of spirit stores, as well as many online retailers. Just make sure to do your research and read reviews before purchasing, so that you know you’re getting a quality product.

PS  – at some point you will be able to buy bacon bourbon, but right now you will just have to make your own.

This bacon infused bourbon recipe was brought to you by the Pit Boss BBQ Tool Belt.

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