Grilling without your phone is so 2023. These apps will give you the information you need to take your barbecue (Best BBQ Apps) to the next level.

Your phone can do a lot for you when you barbecue, and with the right apps your phone can do even more. We’ve tried, tested and reviewed a multitude of barbecue apps.

Here is our list the best barbecue Apps we’ve found. All the more reason to use the smart phone pocket on your Pit Boss BBQ Tool Belt.

The 7 Best BBQ Apps for iPhone and Android

Weber’s On the Grill App

We don’t generally pay for apps, but this one might be worth it. Weber’s On the Grill features 300 triple-tested Weber BBQ recipes plus 40 recipes for rubs, marinades and sauces. Neat features: An ingredient checklist, so you can check off what you’ve got. A timer for cooking your meat. Watch out though – if you navigate away from the timer it will reset!

Weber iGrill App – Weber iGrill

Weber Grills App

This is Weber’s free BBQ app. Instead of giving you access to all 280 BBQ recipes, this app features a rotating selection of recipes each week. The interface is slick and easy to use, except for one thing: The main menu – i.e. the one you see in the picture – is kind of hidden.

Here’s a tip – swipe the Weber logo on the bottom of the screen in an upward direction. That will pull up the menu and you’ll get access to a nice collection of features including recipes, grilling skills and a grocery list app

If you like to BBQ and you like BBQ recipes, then Weber Grills is definitely one of the more worthwhile free BBQ Apps.

Omaha Steaks Steak Time App

Contrary to popular belief, this is how steak is done. Steak Time’s easy-to-navigate interface has recipes for just about every cut of steak, and the app also has a steak 101 section.

However the heart and soul of this barbecue app is a very cool steak timer that can support multiple steaks independently, and will tell you when to add, when to flip and when to remove your steak(s) based on doneness and steak thickness. Our mouths are watering just thinking about this app.

Omaha Steaks Steak Time HD on the App Store (

Pit Pal App

Make no mistake, Pit Pal is a barbecue app. We are talking low-and-slow, wood smoked, deep-south-texas-missouri barbecue that is as much art as it is science. The Pit Pal app is designed to add a bit more science to that art. Each “cook” (i.e. cooking event) is logged, and you can recall each “cook” report at any time.

At the beginning of the session you can log all sorts of barbecue variables: the pit description, temperature, wood type, charcoal, location, and weather. There are just as many variables for food:  meat type, weight, price, sauce, rub, mop and more. You can even configure a wifi temperature probe to feed data into the app. Wow. 

The full version adds even more features for only $1.99. If you are serious about fine-tuning your low-and-slow barbecue skills, this is the app for you.

The Pit Pal BBQ App: Appstore for Android

BBQ Tank Meter App

This is the newest of the Best BBQ Apps we’ve rated, and it just might be the most useful for the everyday griller. It’s also really cool to use. Simply fire up the app, hold your phone close to the tank, then whack the tank with your spatula.  (Seriously).

The BBQ Tank Meter app listens to the resonance inside and acoustically measures the amount of propane in your tank. Get it, and you’ll never run out of propane again. Your friends will also be amused and impressed.

BBQ TankMeter – Grill Gauge – Apps on Google Play.

iGrill App and Device

4.0 out of 5. Free App but the temperature monitor is $99.

More than just a barbecue app, iGrill is a complete barbecue and grill monitoring system. Plug the probes into whatever you are grilling and set the app. Your iPhone or iPad will notify you when your food reaches the desired temperature.

You could argue that this app takes the art out of cooking, but you could also argue that you’ll have a perfectly done steak, every time. 

iGrill is so useful that it won a Best New Product award at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show. Best of all, the iGrill device is easily stored in your Pit Boss Barbecue Tool Belt.

Weber® iGrill® – Apps on Google Play

Beer Buddy App

4.0 out of 5.  $3.99.

Grilling is all about the beer, but where can you find useful information about your brew while you are manning the grill? The Beer Buddy App can help. Simply scan your beer’s UPC code with your phone’s camera and the Beer Buddy will return a plethora of valuable information. Don’t know what to drink? The Beer Buddy has a comprehensive list of top-rated beers. Don’t know where to buy the beer you want? The Beer Buddy App has a maps feature.

The Beer Buddy App also allows you to build a list of personalized beer ratings and has a “Beers on Tap” section that allows you to build a list of beers you want to try. Probably the Best BBQ App that doesn’t actually help you grill.

Beer Buddy – Drink with me! – Apps on Google Play


What do you think? Do you have a Barbecue app that you love? Share it with us!

This collection of Best BBQ Apps was brought to you by the Pit Boss BBQ Tool Belt. The Pit Boss makes an outstanding grilling gift for any man. Just like these BBQ apps.

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