Wine Barrel Barbecue Wood

Wine Barrel Barbecue Wood

It’s time to cook with wine and wood – both at the same time  Wine barrel barbecue wood is made from chipped or chunked wine barrel staves.  It doesn’t take Steven Raichlen to figure out that wine barrel barbecue wood is going to lead to some nice wine-infused flavors on your grill.  (Click here btw for how to use wood chips on a gas grill)

Cool idea, no?  We’ve put together some info on wine, wine barrels and wine barrel barbecue wood so you can look like the cool guy the next time your grill.

We’ll start simple.  Wine barrels are made from oak, which means your barbecue wood is going to be made from oak.  Oak is one of the most versatile and popular smoking woods and and lends a nice, um oaky flavor to your barbecue.

wine barrel barbecue wood - wine

Two years on the left, six years on the right

Now lets talk about oak.  Oak contains compounds called phenols (fee-nawls) which produce vanilla or tea flavors in your wine, and in this case, maybe in your barbecue.  And did you know that wine aged or matured in oak will take on a different color?  Check out this picture of a fine spanish Rioja aged for two years and six years respectively.  There are a lot of other cool facts about oak wine barrels that can be found here.

There are several varieties of wine barrel barbecue wood out there.  Here are some of our early favorites.

wine barrel bbq wood chips

BeeGee says what?

1.  Staving Alive:  Easily the best name of the bunch.  Staving Alive sells boxed stave chunks.  They also sell wine barrel smokers.  Bad-ass.  (They badly need a website-upgrade though…)

wine barrel bbq wood chips - raichlen

Cubed but not square

2.  Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue Wine Barrel Chunks:  We weren’t going to reference the man without throwing him a bone.  These chunks are cut from “hand-selected” (is there any other way?) cabernet sauvignon barrels.  And this barbecue wood is chunked uniformly at 1″ for consistency.   They also come in whole stave bundles.

wine barrel bbq wood - napa


3.  We’re also going to throw a bone to the little guy, because that’s how we roll.  Wine Country Craftsman makes some nicely packaged staves, guaranteed to be from Napa.  This is barbecue wood we can believe in.

4.  Wine Soaked Oak Smoking Chips:  These are oak chips soaked in wine.  They may or may not be cut from barrel staves, but what you lose in authenticity you gain in flavor, these chips are infused with wine on all sides, not just on the side that was inside the barrel, oh and you get nine (9!) pounds.  That’s enough barbecue wood for a long, long time.

And that’s it, four varieties of wine barrel barbecue wood, just for you.  Man your grill.

Brought to you by the Pit Boss BBQ Tool Belt.  Like a fine wine, you BBQ Pit Boss belt with get better with age.

by Michaelangelo Monteleone
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