Breakaway BBQ Truck: Tanker Truck BBQ Grill a.k.a. The “X-Grill”

Breakaway BBQ Truck / X-Grill

So you’ve got an outdoor kitchen that you’re pretty proud of, complete with stainless steel grill, side burner, maybe even a little fridge.  That’s cool.  Can you drive it to a tailgate party?

Breakaway BBQ Truck, Breakaway Barbecue StoreYou can drive this one.  With the push of a button, this entire tanker opens up revealing a traveling kitchen inside, complete with a four-burner stove, 42-inch grill and stainless steel prep counter.  This is the one-of-a-kind breakaway BBQ truck, aka the X-Grill.

breakaway bbq truck - x-grill closeupHow’d a truck like this get built?  It just took a couple of guys with a big idea, a little bit of cash and some extra time.  Ken Foster, owner of Hall Oil and grill store Breakaway Barbecue Grills in South Dennis, Massachusetts started planning the mobile grill in 2012 when he started collaborating with Gary Webb, of Gary’s Truck Equipment in neighboring Harwich.  They based the Breakaway truck on an old 1987 Ford LN8000 chassis (1987 incidentally was the same year the Ken Foster founded Breakaway BBQ Grills).  breakaway bbq truck - x-grill steakIt cost them about $40,000 to outfit the truck with all of the cooking mods. Now, they drive their “Breakaway” BBQ Truck a.k.a. “X-Grill” around to advertise their businesses.  They also rent it out for private parties and fundraisers.  It makes about 50 appearances per year, which is about once every weekend.  And yep, we’re pretty sure it would make for a heck of a tailgate centerpiece.

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Breakaway BBQ Truck / X-Grill Vital Stats:

breakaway bbq truck - x-grill flagsModel Year: 1987
Ford LN8000
Fabricated by Boston Steel
10.4 Liter, 3208 Cat Diesel:  Good for 500 – 600 ft-lbs of torque.
Reincarnated in 2008 in South Dennis, MA

Weight: 15,780 LBS
Length: 300 Inches
Height: 163 Inches

Fuel Capacity: 50 Gallons Diesel
Propane Capacity: 6,928,500 BTUs
Water Capacity: 50 Gallons

breakaway bbq truck - x-grill peopleHamburger Capacity: 1000/hour

Hot Dog Capacity: 1750/hour

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