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Papa’s Pilar Rum

If there was ever a man’s man, it was Ernest Hemingway.  You know that.  If you ever could distill his essence, you would have Papa’s Pilar Rum.   And now you know that.  You want a stamp on your man card?  Read the prose below.  You want an extra stamp?  Buy some Papa’s Pilar Rum and have a glass neat while you grill.  You want an extra stamp?  Read the Prose Below.

Rum was once a noble spirit. It was served aboard warships, rationed to

visionary explorers, and used to sustain the Founding Fathers as they plotted
revolution. Rum was consumed by men who understood that you only get one
shot at life. Standing still, they’d say, was a waste of valuable time.

Ernest Hemingway was this type of man – an adventurer who lived life to
the fullest. He indulged us with glimpses of a vibrant life by stitching together
distant cultures, passions, and people using the power of the written word. 

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Super – Premium

Inspired by his appetite for adventure, we’ve proudly
created a super-premium rum: Papa’s PilarTM.

It is a spirit born of multiple rums hand-selected from the Caribbean, Central
America and Florida. The rums are then brought to the U.S.A. and married
together in our unique Solera aging and blending process.

Papa’s PilarTM represents the original spirit of rum.  (from

Where to Buy Papa’s Pilar Rum

Author’s note:  We recently acquired a sample of Papa’s Pilar Rum.  It is ridiculously good and highly recommended.  From what we’ve learned so far you can buy Papa’s Pilar Rum from the following establishments:


7310 South Tamiami Trail | Sarasota, FL 34231


5495 Lena Rd | Bradenton, FL 34211


5235 Gulf Blvd | St Pete Beach, FL 33706



901 W Platt St | Tampa, FL 33606

WWW.BOCATAMPA.COM | 813-254-7070



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