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Burn your charcoal hot and clean and you

Four great tips to reduce ash from your Weber Kettle or other charcoal grill

Using black and white newspaper, lighting your charcoal chimney outside the grill, venting properly and using hardwood lump charcoal can all help reduce or eliminate ash when you cook on your Weber Kettle or charcoal barbecue grill. If you’ve ever grilled on charcoal then you know that you get a lot more flavor for your […]

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Scotch Bonnet Chili Pepper 100,000 to 350,000 Scoville

A Guide to Chili Peppers to use when Grilling and the Scoville Scale

Heat and flavor are two key factors when selecting chili peppers for grilling.  Understanding the Scoville Scale will help. When you grill you grill with fire.  And sometimes you also grill with fire.  Chili (or chile) peppers can add some meaningful flavor to your food, but … understanding the heat range is key.  Additionally, every […]

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Springtime Reuben Sandwich with homemade 1000 island dressing

How to Make Homemade Thousand Island Dressing – An Exclusive BBQ Pit Boss Recipe

Make your own Thousand Island Dressing for this Tangy, Springtime Rueben Sandwich.  And Exclusive BBQ Pit Boss Recipe. Spring has sprung in the southland, and that’s got everybody feeling feisty, including our very own Pit Boss.  He picked some of the first of his spring field greens and used them to construct a fresh twist […]

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BBQ Tools - Master

Comprehensive BBQ Tools Checklist

Comprehensive BBQ Tools Checklist Face it, there are a LOT of barbecue tools out there.  This BBQ Tools checklist helps you cut down some of the confusion.  We’ve broken down barbecue and grilling tools into Four categories:  Apprentice, Journeyman, Advanced, and Master.  If you’re on a fixed budget, we recommend buying fewer, better barbecue tools […]

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Buttermilk Brined Grilled Turkey Breast

Buttermilk Brined Grilled Turkey Breast Recipe

Buttermilk Brined Grilled Turkey Breast Recipe You want to grill a turkey breast?  Not so fast my friend.  Turkey can dry out even if you cook it low and slow.  Grill it over high heat and you are just asking for a tough, dry bird.  This brine recipe will solve your problems.  Brining adds moisture […]

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Best Wood for Smoking Meat

Best Wood For Smoking Meat – A Guide to Hardwoods for Smoking

A little knowledge goes a long way when selecting hardwoods for meat smoking. We’re often asked about the best wood for smoking meat.  We often answer that it depends on what you prefer.  Different woods impart different flavors, and there are no hard and fast rules.   This guide explains the basic characteristics of woods […]

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man's steampunk train BBQ

Awesome Train BBQ

Awesome Train BBQ We love seeing pictures of awesome BBQ Grills. We’ve shown you the Oil Tanker Truck that was turned into a massive rolling BBQ Grill.  We’ve shown you a custom chopper that is basically the sickest, baddest grill in the world.  For the odd hipster that visits the site, we’ve even shown you […]

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pork sandwich

Recipe: Italian Grilled Pork Sandwich

Italian Grilled Pork Sandwich Philly is famous for the Cheesesteak, but insiders know that the real gem is the Italian Roast Pork Sandwich.  If you live in the Philly area you probably know a little place down the street, like John’s Roast Pork on Snyder Avenue.  If you don’t live in Philly, you’re probably wondering what […]

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Moore Oklahoma Tornado

Moore Oklahoma Tornado – Operation BBQ Relief

Moore Oklahoma Tornado – Operation BBQ Relief Moore, Oklahoma and other parts of Oklahoma City were devastated by a Tornado today.  The Oklahoma Tornado has left thousands homeless and many more will be without food.  Operation BBQ Relief is a not-for-profit that specializes in preparing food for disaster-stricken areas.  They cooked over 120,000 meals for […]

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How to Light Your Grill Without Lighter Fluid: Charcoal Chimney Education

A Charcoal Chimney will Light Your BBQ Grill Quickly and Safely…without Lighter Fluid Nobody likes charcoal lighter fluid.  It’s messy.  It smells bad.  It can leave a chemical taste on your food.  It’s also a dangerous inhalant.  Charcoal lighter fluid emits volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) when it evaporates and when it burns.  This causes air […]

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