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Our BBQ Tool Belt can hold extra beer and grilling tools and is a unique grilling gift for him
Grilling gift for him - The leg protection on our BBQ Tool Belt for Grilling and Barbecue Tools
Use BBQ Apps when you grill, your iphone or android fits our our BBQ tool belt, it's a unique grilling gift for him
We make our BBQ Tool Belt to be a unique grilling gift for him.  It features a lifetime gaurantee and is built to hold all of our bbq tools or grilling tools
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BBQ Tools: Leg Protection
BBQ Tools: Smart Phone
BBQ Tools: Built to Last
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The Pit Boss Pro BBQ Tool Belt
Pit Boss Pro BBQ Tool Belt
You've got all the barbecue gadgets, even if you don't need them. The Pit Boss Barbecue Tool Belt helps you hold those BBQ tools, so when the time comes for your to whip out that instant-read meat thermometer, you'll know exactly where it is. It will even keep your beer cold while you're at it. What about your barbecue brethern? The Pit Boss makes an outstanding gift for any man who loves to cook meat over an open flame. The BBQ Pit Boss includes the following accessories: A Die Cast BBQ Belt Buckle that is made in the USA, two Laser-Engraved Caribiners for your BBQ Tools, a reliable Stainless Steel Bottle Opener on a Retractable Reel, two Chow Towels to keep the BBQ sauce at bay, and a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee. If you love to grill, you will you love the Pit Boss BBQ Tool Belt. Get one.
BBQ Tool Belt. A great gift for any man who loves to grill!
BBQ Tool Belt Lifetime Guarantee and an awesome gift for men

Testimonials from Men who love the Pit Boss BBQ Tool Belt

“I grilled 350 burgers over a span of 6 hours and the belt was quite helpful. Everything I needed was always within reach and I knew where everything was. I’m not sure how many people grill out for 350 people, but I can tell you the Pit Boss Belt will hold up and make their job easier. Rings on each side for rightys and leftys mean that only you have your bbq tongs, spatuala and whatever, and no one can take them. It has a place for a lighter, a thermometer, couple beers, and still more pockets and hooks. What an awesome gift for any man who loves to grill or cook.
Dennis K, Atlanta, GA

“I received the Pit Boss Belt as a gift and I’ve used it on several occasions. It ALWAYS draws a crowd when I'm grilling – people want to know what it is and where I got it. These guys thought of everything – a place to put your beer, a place to put an extra beer, a place to put your bbq tools, even a retractable bottle opener. Thanks guys for an awesome and well made product!”
Nick T, Nashville, TN

“This thing is awesome guys! What a great gift to come home to while on leave!”
Caleb W, US Military - Currently Serving in South Korea

“I love this belt! I can carry everything when I'm grilling and my hands are free. I can carry 2 beers on the belt and another beer in my hand. Cheers!”
Fred W, Milwaukee, WI

“This is a birthday gift for my fiancee. He’s going to freakin love it!"
Carrie B, Los Angeles, CA

“This is such a well built construction type BBQ toolbelt! I am sure most trade type guys would go nuts over this!”
Mike M, Vancouver, Canada

"My son told my husband and myself that this is the ONLY gift he wants for Christmas!"
Kendall R, Canton, GA

“About a year ago I bought one of these for a friend who was graduating for medical residency and have been hinting at my wife ever since, so two weeks ago she finally got me one for our anniversary and of course within a week my dog decided to try to eat it. While she made minced meat of the cloth chaps, she didn't even put a scratch on the belt or the utility pouches. So I called the [Pit Boss] boys up and asked how much replacements would be and they said not to worry about it and they would have them sent out ASAP. In a day where most customer services centers are over seas where they can't even understand your problem let alone solve it; that's manning up and taking care of business the way it should be. Thanks for helping me out and making a Kick A-- product that inspires me to grill bigger and better!
Eric H, Lake Mills, WI


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